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ePay Payment Solutions


User friendly and safe, free customer support and lots of options...

With ePay payment solution you get lots of opportunities to ensure easy and safe online payment on your website through your GECKO system. ePay supports many different payment methods and acquirers. If you choose ePay, you can e.g. make use of their multi-acquirers feature that allows you to have agreements with several acquirers simultaneously. In addition, ePay also give you access to a stable failover-solution where you have the option to switch to your secondary acquirer, in case of your primary should not function properly.

Online payment in GECKO Booking

With ePay, you can receive payment for bookings, sales of goods, and sales of value cards (gift cards, discount cards, discount cards and subscriptions), in GECKO Booking.

Payment methods

You can see an overview of the many different payment methods that ePay support here.

Secure online payment

With ePay payment solutions, you will not only be able to offer your customers secure online payment, but also guard yourself against fraud, as ePay also include the security product Fraud Fighter, which increases security against credit card fraud.

Getting Started

Contact GECKO Booking for ordering the ePay payment solutions. GECKO Booking will forward your ePay login and help you through the entire process and the setup of your ePay payment solution until you are ready to accept online payment on your website.

Help is nearby!

GECKO Booking provide free customer support for the ePay payment solutions. So if you have any questions or would like help to get started, do not hesitate to contact us at tel. 7027 1699 or mail us at info@gecko.dk.

ePay Video

Below you can see a video that explains what ePay is.

What is ePay? from ePay Payment Solutions on Vimeo.