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Terms and conditions
Terms of sale of goods, including hardware.

When paying by credit card, visa/debit card the amount is debited only when the commodities are shipped.

When GECKO.DK ApS has registred your order goods are send directlyfrom our supplier. Expected delivery time is 1-3 days.

We offer 14 days return. It is a condition for the right to return that the item is returned in the same condition as you received it.

Do you want to make use of your right, please contact:

CVR: 29517096
Silkeborgvej 758,
8220 Aarhus
T: 7027 1699
E: info@gecko.dk
Product support
Are you having problems with your hardware, please contact our supplier Delphi Technologies directly, they have the expertise:

Tel. +45 70 222 555 and ask for the support department.

Or read more here:
If it can’t be done via the support at Delphi, contact GECKO Booking.
GECKO.DK ApS only uses your personal information to send you the / the goods purchased. When purchasing hardware your contact details are passed to our supplier in order so that they can send the product directly to your address. Further information is not be passed to third parties.