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Online booking for student counsellors


An online booking system from GECKO Booking enables you to offer online booking of student guidance to the students. The booking system is inserted on your website and the students can make an online reservation when it suits them – 24 hours a day.

The system is well suited for student counsellors, but it also has a high degree of flexibility and can therefore be tailored to your specific study guidance office. You spend less time on administration and avoid disturbing phone calls from students wishing to book an appointment. GECKO Booking systemises your work day, and you can therefore focus on what you do best; providing guidance to the students.

Why choose GECKO Booking?
  • Your students can book an appointment when it suits them

  • The booking system is easy to use for both you and the students

  • Small monthly fee with the option of purchasing add-ons

  • The system can be tailored to your needs


Try a free demo of GECKO Booking and experience how perfect our system is for student counsellors – it is completely free of obligations.

What the student counsellors say

We provide systems to many different industries - from one-man businesses
to larger companies with thousands of customers. Here is what the student counsellors have to say about us

Hudplejeinstituttet Randers
Morten Helmstedt, SCIENCE, Københavns Universitet
Liza Schmidt, DTU
Flemming Lorentz Jørgensen, DK Healthcare
Ungdommens Røde Kors
Bredbånd Nord
Aarhus Universitet
Københavns Kommune
Copenhagen Business School
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Prøv en gratis og uforpligtende demo af GECKO Booking

Udfyld formularen, og vi sender dig en demo hurtigst muligt.


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