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Easy issuing of marketing material and marketing triggers to customers by
e-mail and/or by SMS.

The marketing add-on at GECKO Booking costs 0 DKK for the installation and has a rental fee of 49 DKK exclusive of VAT per month. Please note, that the add-on requires that GECKO Booking's standard system has been purchased.

Included in the marketing add-on is:
  • Easy issuing of marketing material to your customers e.g. newsletters and campaign offers.

  • The opportunity of issuing marketing material per e-mail or SMS.
  • The opportunity of creating and issuing marketing triggers, e.g. a trigger called 'Happy birthday'. You can always save and edit your triggers as well as choosing when they should be issued. 
  • Direct connection to GECKO Booking - the marketing add-on retrieves e-mail addresses and phone numbers from your customer database automatically.  

  • Option of issuing marketing material to all customers or to customers who meet certain criterias only. For instance, it is possible to issue material to all customers, who have booked a particular service or booked an appointment in a particular calendar. You can therefore easily focus your campaing offers..